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NEW Distribution Release: DeLi Linux 0.7.1
Henry Jensen has announced the release of an updated version of DeLi Linux, a distribution designed for legacy hardware: ” DeLi Linux 0.7.1 is mainly a bug-fix release. But there are also some new features: support for Microchannel (PS/2 machines) and EISA; added ‘deliget’, a tool for downloading and installing packages; new packages including AbiWord 1.0.7, Fox, Xfe and XMMS. DeLi Linux is a distribution made for old hardware. Machines from 386 to Pentium I with 8 to 32 MB RAM are considered as target systems. DeLi Linux uses lightweight software wherever it is possible. Nevertheless DeLi Linux provides a graphical desktop with an office package, web browser, e-mail client, PDF viewer and games.” The release announcement. Download: deli-0.7.1.iso (125MB, MD5).
NEW Distribution Release: trixbox 1.2.2
A new, bug-fix version of trixbox has been released: “Trixbox users have been reporting stability problem with 1.2. We are trying to address these with the 1.2.2 release. There are some strange audio problems with the 42 kernel. This is most apparent with VMware. When the 42 kernel is used the audio prompts are jittery and broken. This was not a problem with the 34 kernel. I am making the 34 kernel the standard for trixbox until further notice. The version of Asterisk that is included with the 1.2.1 trixbox patch has a lot of the Asterisk patch files from Digium and other sources included. This may have caused some of the instability and FreePBX reload issues that were reported. The Asterisk that is included with 1.2.2 has only 4 patches.” Full details in the release announcement. Download: trixbox-1.2.2.iso (535MB, MD5).
NEW Development Release: GoboLinux 013 RC1
Andr Detsch has announced the availability of the first release candidate of GoboLinux 013: “GoboLinux 013rc1 is out! The first release candidate for GoboLinux 013 is available for download. Help testing it, and report bugs at the GoboLinux bug tracker. The final version, or next release candidate, is going to be released in about one week.” Here is the short release announcement. Download from
here: GoboLinux-013rc1.iso (673MB, MD5). GoboLinux is an independently developed distribution whose main feature is an alternative (and, arguably, more logical) file system layout than the standard UNIX file system hierarchy. The CD image also functions as a live CD booting into a KDE desktop.
NEW Distribution Release: Puppy Linux 2.11
Puppy Linux has been updated to version 2.11: “Puppy version 2.11 is out. Puppy 2.10 was the first Puppy to use LZMA compression for the ‘pup_210.sfs’ Squashfs file (the file that has all of the applications). We found however that it doubled the start-up time for each application, not very noticeable on a modern fast CPU, however very much a problem on older hardware. Thus, for 2.11 we have gone back to the standard GZIP compression. Version 2.11 is basically an improved 2.10. Apart from reverting to GZIP compression, this release has various bug fixes. There is also an ‘xorgdrvrs’ ISO that includes the extra X.Org basic video drivers.” Read the release announcement and release notes for more information and a complete list of changes. Download: puppy-2.11-seamonkey.iso (70.8MB, MD5), puppy-2.11-seamonkey-xorgdrvrs.iso (73.9MB, MD5).
NEW Development Release: Underground Desktop 029 (Alpha)
A new development build of Underground Desktop, a live and installation CD based on Arch Linux, has been released: “Underground Desktop 029 is out. This alpha release provides a desktop CD that can be used as a live CD and to install the system to hard disk. Features: X.Org 7.1; KDE 3.5.4 (most modules, including Kontact); OpenOffice.org 2.0.3; K3b 0.12.17; Firefox; KTorrent 2.0.2; KMPlayer 0.9.3-pre2; Streamtuner 0.99.99 (browser for Internet radio stations); DVDRipOMatic 0.95 (DVD-to-XviD ripping tool); easy network configuration with WiFi support; fixes in printing support; HP printing drivers; fixes and improvements in look and feel.” Here is the full release announcement. Download (MD5):
(645MB); also available via BitTorrent.
NEW BSD Release: pfSense 1.0
The first stable build of pfSense, a m0n0wall-inspired, FreeBSD-based firewall system, has been released: “The pfSense team is excited to bring you our first ever real release! That is right, 1.0 is finally blessed and is making its way to the mirrors now. We have tried really hard to eliminate all bugs but with any software we expect to find some as this release will be used by a lot more people. With that said, there are a few problems that you should be aware of. Check this Wiki article to see the release caveats. Other than the few small items mentioned in the above Wiki article 1.0 is solid and performs quite well. We are rather proud of our work. So grab 1.0 and install it this weekend and head over to our forum and post your experiences, good or bad.” Here is the brief release announcement. Download: pfSense-LiveCD-1.0-RELEASE-Installer.iso (33.6MB, MD5).
NEW Development Release: FreeSBIE 2.0 PRE-BETA
Matteo Riondato has announced the availability of a new development build of FreeSBIE 2.0. Called “LVC”, this is one of the series of releases that should take us to the final version in the middle of November. From the release announcement: “This is the second of a series of four ISO images: GMV, LVC, EW, and CE, with CE being hopefully FreeSBIE 2.0. Similarly to GMV, LVC is based on the HEAD branch of FreeBSD, so on FreeBSD 7-CURRENT. Ports are approximately from the same date. EW and CE, on the other hand, will be based on the RELENG_6_2 branch, both for sources and for ports.” Besides all the software updates, this release of FreeSBIE also includes “cheatcodes” containing various FreeSBIE boot options. The CD image is available for download via BitTorrent, as well as a number of mirrors specified in the announcement; here is a quick download link: FreeSBIE-LVC-20061010.iso (548MB, MD5).
NEW Distribution Release: SUSE Linux 10.1 “Remastered”
The openSUSE project has released an updated set of installation CDs and DVDs of SUSE Linux 10.1: “I’m happy to announce the availability of SUSE Linux 10.1 ‘remastered’. This release combines the 10.1 GM and all online updates that we have released for 10.1 so far, including libzypp, which should make the installing and working experience much smoother for everyone. We have created new CD ISO images and supplied delta ISOs from the goldmaster. The non-OSS DVD images will show up next week, we had to retract and will remaster. If you are running SUSE Linux 10.1 already, there is no need to download these images at all. Just do an update from our update repository to get all our security updates. This remastered media are useful for new installations.” Here is the full release announcement. If you need to download the updated CD or DVD images, please visit the project’s download page for direct links to the ISO and torrent files.
NEW Development Release: Elive 0.5.1 (Unstable)
The development of Elive 0.5.1 has started and the first unstable release is now available for download. What’s new? According to the release announcement, the most interesting new feature is the inclusion of kernel 2.6.18, complete with improved support for wireless networking and ready for deployment on machines with multiple processors. Other new features include: installer improvements with automatic, manual and expert modes, and with package configuration via debconf; new stable release of Enlightenment 17, version, with new features and effects (Xcomposite, zoom, sound in themes, Xinerama, localisation and RandR); update to Cinelerra 2.1. A number of bugs reported in the earlier release have also been fixed. Interested testers can download the live CD image from here: elive_unstable_20061012.iso (596MB, MD5).
NEW Development Release: NetBSD 3.1 RC4
Geert Hendrickx has announced that the fourth release candidate of NetBSD 3.1 is ready for testing: “We had become aware of a few OpenSSL vulnerabilities which we didn’t want to leave unfixed in the NetBSD 3.1 release, hence we’ve extended the release cycle with a fourth release candidate. Binaries and ISOs for NetBSD 3.1_RC4 are available on the releng FTP mirrors. Apart from the OpenSSL fixes, we took advantage of this extra release candidate to add some more improvements: MS DOS file system: write performance of large files has been improved; toolchain: NetBSD 3.1_RC4 can be cross-built from NetBSD 4.0_BETA and -current (GCC 4.x); daily security report for /etc/exports has been improved; dhclient(8) exits gracefully if another instance is already running….” Read the rest of the release announcement for further details and download links. Download (i386): i386cd-3.1_RC4.iso (208MB, MD5).
NEW Distribution Release: Myah OS 2.3
Jeremiah Cheatham has released a new version of Myah OS: “Myah OS 2.3 SE is now available for download.” Some of the more interesting changes since version 2.2, released less than a month ago, include: “Firefox 2.0rc2 with support for Flash, Java and embedded video; embedded video is also available within Konqueror; settings for DVD playback have been optimized for best possible playback; 3D drivers for ATI and NVIDIA have also been optimized; a fresh Ksplash theme has been created to integrate with the bootsplash theme; several more mouse themes are now available; KDE 3.5.4 is now included as well as Linux 2.6.18; the boot process is much faster and smoother; CUPS printing is now up and running….” Read the complete release announcement for more details. Download: Myah-OS-2.3-SE.iso (696MB, MD5).
NEW Distribution Release: SabayonLinux 3.1
Following the “miniEdition”, the complete SabayonLinux 3.1 live DVD is now also out: “Announce: SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.1. New features: 2.6.18 kernel; added AIGLX Support (along with Xgl) thanks to Beryl and Emerald; NVIDIA drivers 1.0-9625, ATI drivers 8.29.6; improved graphics cards detection support; X.Org resolution auto-detection support; updated X.Org ATI drivers to 6.6.3 release; nvidia.ko and fglrx.ko are now linked at runtime; Intel and ATI X.Org drivers now work nicely with AIGLX; imported installer fixes from SVN.” Read the rest of the release announcement for further information. The SabayonLinux 3.1 DVD images for x86 and x86_64 architectures are available for download via BitTorrent: SabayonLinux-x86-3.1 (3,350MB) or SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.1 (3,567MB).