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Galileo used to look
up at the stars through a telescope. When he turned his telescope towards the sky
he saw that the moon was really a world covered with mountains and valleys . He looked at Venus , which we call the evening
star, and found
that it changed like the moon and
sometimes was new, sometimes full. He
looked at Jupiter and found that it
had four moons. Sometimes those moons grow dark with the shadow of Jupiter, just as the moon in an eclipse grows dark with shadow of the earth. He saw that Saturn has a number of rings. He found
that the earth moves, which is a fact that people at that time did not know.
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Nanotechnology is the technology of 21 st century. It has the capability to develop computers which will be billions of times faster than todays computers, we can develop small robots that can cure dreaded disease, we can manufacture products without creating environment pollution. Any product that is manufactured (paste or chip) is made of atoms.
How the atoms and molecules are arranged decide the products property. Today we use a number of crude manufacturing technologies such as casting, grinding, milling etc. Similarly, lithography is used to produce chips. If we can use better manufacturing techniques, we can control very precisely how atoms and molecules are organized. Of course, we need to arrange the atoms and molecules as dictated by laws of physics. This type of manufacturing is known as molecular nanotechnology or molecular manufacturing.
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