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Galileo used to look
up at the stars through a telescope. When he turned his telescope towards the sky
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star, and found
that it changed like the moon and
sometimes was new, sometimes full. He
looked at Jupiter and found that it
had four moons. Sometimes those moons grow dark with the shadow of Jupiter, just as the moon in an eclipse grows dark with shadow of the earth. He saw that Saturn has a number of rings. He found
that the earth moves, which is a fact that people at that time did not know.
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Nanotechnology is the technology of 21 st century. It has the capability to develop computers which will be billions of times faster than todays computers, we can develop small robots that can cure dreaded disease, we can manufacture products without creating environment pollution. Any product that is manufactured (paste or chip) is made of atoms.
How the atoms and molecules are arranged decide the products property. Today we use a number of crude manufacturing technologies such as casting, grinding, milling etc. Similarly, lithography is used to produce chips. If we can use better manufacturing techniques, we can control very precisely how atoms and molecules are organized. Of course, we need to arrange the atoms and molecules as dictated by laws of physics. This type of manufacturing is known as molecular nanotechnology or molecular manufacturing.
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Posted on Monday, Feb 02, 2009 in “CMS”
The original Mambo Open Source content management system has spawned numerous variations and forks. Two of the major systems are Mambo as we know it today and the award-winning Joomla CMS. Joomla 1.0 is quite similar to Mambo but version 1.5 has broke out with an identity all its own. So, which CMS is right for you? There are advantages and disadvantages to both solutions and we will cover them in this article.
While there has only been a slight change in the project name, most of Mambos development team abandoned the system in 2005 to create Joomla. Every since then, the system has struggled in terms of popularity as a large portion of the Mambo user community followed the developers in favor of Joomla. Be that as it may, Mambo remains a solid choice and continues to improve.
Advantages – Mambo is a stable, lightweight system that puts out exceptional performance on a busy website. Despite losing the original development team, the project has good management and positive hope for future development. Even as an open-source system, Mambo can be easily integrated with non-GPL systems and commercial extensions.
Disadvantages – The biggest drawback to Mambo is that it lacks new extensions. This goes back to 2005 as most of the developers who wrote extensions for the system shifted over to Joomla. Another disadvantage is that Mambo has a smaller user community than Joomla, meaning you might have to search long and hard to get quality support.
Mambo works best for small to medium sized businesses as well as webmasters that do not require lots of upgrades and extensions. To put it simple, this system performs better on a basic website that contains minimal interactive features.
As we mentioned above, Joomla 1.0 is very similar to Mambo. In fact, there are a number of extensions that support both systems. Although the first generation still has a large user base, that will all change soon as the Joomla development team is slated to halt support for the product this coming July. Joomla 1.5 offers many improvements over the previous version and is largely supported by the development team and user community.
Advantages – Joomla 1.5 is supported by a wide variety of extensions and the number is growing faster than any CMS that forked off from Mambo. The system also supports many of the older extensions with the aid of the legacy mode plugin. The rapidly expanding community ensures that you can get decent support and answers in Joomla forums.
Disadvantages – Joomla 1.5 is a bit heavier than the previous version and thus might run slower depending on the server. This could make it real frustrating to keep your site fresh with the necessary updates. Additionally, the Joomla team has taken an official stance where the GPL states that commercial extensions are not to interact with the systems API, basically ruling out any developers who do not want their extensions licensed under the GPL. On the other hand, many developers have chosen to ignore this rule. As it stands now, it seems as if this is one rule that will never be strictly enforced.
Joomla is best suited for small to medium sized businesses with the need to create a content-rich site and access a variety of third-party extensions.
If youre looking for a winner, Joomla is most likely to be supported into the future but Mambo will probably require fewer upgrades as versions arent released as frequently.
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XFN – XHTML Friends Network

Xhtml Friends Network
XFN (XHTML Friends Network) is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks.
In recent years, blogs and blogrolls have become the fastest growing area of the Web.
XFN enables web authors to indicate their relationship(s) to the people in their blogrolls simply by adding a ‘rel’ attribute to their tags, e.g.:

To find out how to write and use XFN, or to write a program to generate or spider it, read the following sections:
Introduction and Examples
Introduction to XFN, examples, styling suggestions, and future potential.
Getting Started
Join the XHTML Friends Network in just four easy steps!
Version 1.1 of the XFN meta data profile: the list of the values used in XFN with their significance. See the XMDP home page for more information on XHTML Meta Data Profiles.
The thinking that went into the design of XFN, why particular values were chosen, and why other values were left out.
Frequently asked questions about XFN.
XFN Tools
A collection of tools, templates, editors, communities, and other resources that let you edit XFN information.
Includes the XFN Creator, among many others.
XFN and …
How to use XFN with numerous social network services and other technologies.
What’s out there?
Pointers to pages and sites which use XFN, tools, …
How can I help?
If you would like to support XFN…
Articles about or that reference XFN…
Thanks to all those who have helped XFN with their feedback, constructive criticisms, suggestions, and inspirational uses.
Let us know what you think about XFN. Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.
1000+ versions Linux & BSD
Latest News and Updates
NEW Distribution Release: DeLi Linux 0.7.1
Henry Jensen has announced the release of an updated version of DeLi Linux, a distribution designed for legacy hardware: ” DeLi Linux 0.7.1 is mainly a bug-fix release. But there are also some new features: support for Microchannel (PS/2 machines) and EISA; added ‘deliget’, a tool for downloading and installing packages; new packages including AbiWord 1.0.7, Fox, Xfe and XMMS. DeLi Linux is a distribution made for old hardware. Machines from 386 to Pentium I with 8 to 32 MB RAM are considered as target systems. DeLi Linux uses lightweight software wherever it is possible. Nevertheless DeLi Linux provides a graphical desktop with an office package, web browser, e-mail client, PDF viewer and games.” The release announcement. Download: deli-0.7.1.iso (125MB, MD5).
NEW Distribution Release: trixbox 1.2.2
A new, bug-fix version of trixbox has been released: “Trixbox users have been reporting stability problem with 1.2. We are trying to address these with the 1.2.2 release. There are some strange audio problems with the 42 kernel. This is most apparent with VMware. When the 42 kernel is used the audio prompts are jittery and broken. This was not a problem with the 34 kernel. I am making the 34 kernel the standard for trixbox until further notice. The version of Asterisk that is included with the 1.2.1 trixbox patch has a lot of the Asterisk patch files from Digium and other sources included. This may have caused some of the instability and FreePBX reload issues that were reported. The Asterisk that is included with 1.2.2 has only 4 patches.” Full details in the release announcement. Download: trixbox-1.2.2.iso (535MB, MD5).
NEW Development Release: GoboLinux 013 RC1
Andr Detsch has announced the availability of the first release candidate of GoboLinux 013: “GoboLinux 013rc1 is out! The first release candidate for GoboLinux 013 is available for download. Help testing it, and report bugs at the GoboLinux bug tracker. The final version, or next release candidate, is going to be released in about one week.” Here is the short release announcement. Download from
here: GoboLinux-013rc1.iso (673MB, MD5). GoboLinux is an independently developed distribution whose main feature is an alternative (and, arguably, more logical) file system layout than the standard UNIX file system hierarchy. The CD image also functions as a live CD booting into a KDE desktop.
NEW Distribution Release: Puppy Linux 2.11
Puppy Linux has been updated to version 2.11: “Puppy version 2.11 is out. Puppy 2.10 was the first Puppy to use LZMA compression for the ‘pup_210.sfs’ Squashfs file (the file that has all of the applications). We found however that it doubled the start-up time for each application, not very noticeable on a modern fast CPU, however very much a problem on older hardware. Thus, for 2.11 we have gone back to the standard GZIP compression. Version 2.11 is basically an improved 2.10. Apart from reverting to GZIP compression, this release has various bug fixes. There is also an ‘xorgdrvrs’ ISO that includes the extra X.Org basic video drivers.” Read the release announcement and release notes for more information and a complete list of changes. Download: puppy-2.11-seamonkey.iso (70.8MB, MD5), puppy-2.11-seamonkey-xorgdrvrs.iso (73.9MB, MD5).
NEW Development Release: Underground Desktop 029 (Alpha)
A new development build of Underground Desktop, a live and installation CD based on Arch Linux, has been released: “Underground Desktop 029 is out. This alpha release provides a desktop CD that can be used as a live CD and to install the system to hard disk. Features: X.Org 7.1; KDE 3.5.4 (most modules, including Kontact); 2.0.3; K3b 0.12.17; Firefox; KTorrent 2.0.2; KMPlayer 0.9.3-pre2; Streamtuner 0.99.99 (browser for Internet radio stations); DVDRipOMatic 0.95 (DVD-to-XviD ripping tool); easy network configuration with WiFi support; fixes in printing support; HP printing drivers; fixes and improvements in look and feel.” Here is the full release announcement. Download (MD5):
(645MB); also available via BitTorrent.
NEW BSD Release: pfSense 1.0
The first stable build of pfSense, a m0n0wall-inspired, FreeBSD-based firewall system, has been released: “The pfSense team is excited to bring you our first ever real release! That is right, 1.0 is finally blessed and is making its way to the mirrors now. We have tried really hard to eliminate all bugs but with any software we expect to find some as this release will be used by a lot more people. With that said, there are a few problems that you should be aware of. Check this Wiki article to see the release caveats. Other than the few small items mentioned in the above Wiki article 1.0 is solid and performs quite well. We are rather proud of our work. So grab 1.0 and install it this weekend and head over to our forum and post your experiences, good or bad.” Here is the brief release announcement. Download: pfSense-LiveCD-1.0-RELEASE-Installer.iso (33.6MB, MD5).
NEW Development Release: FreeSBIE 2.0 PRE-BETA
Matteo Riondato has announced the availability of a new development build of FreeSBIE 2.0. Called “LVC”, this is one of the series of releases that should take us to the final version in the middle of November. From the release announcement: “This is the second of a series of four ISO images: GMV, LVC, EW, and CE, with CE being hopefully FreeSBIE 2.0. Similarly to GMV, LVC is based on the HEAD branch of FreeBSD, so on FreeBSD 7-CURRENT. Ports are approximately from the same date. EW and CE, on the other hand, will be based on the RELENG_6_2 branch, both for sources and for ports.” Besides all the software updates, this release of FreeSBIE also includes “cheatcodes” containing various FreeSBIE boot options. The CD image is available for download via BitTorrent, as well as a number of mirrors specified in the announcement; here is a quick download link: FreeSBIE-LVC-20061010.iso (548MB, MD5).
NEW Distribution Release: SUSE Linux 10.1 “Remastered”
The openSUSE project has released an updated set of installation CDs and DVDs of SUSE Linux 10.1: “I’m happy to announce the availability of SUSE Linux 10.1 ‘remastered’. This release combines the 10.1 GM and all online updates that we have released for 10.1 so far, including libzypp, which should make the installing and working experience much smoother for everyone. We have created new CD ISO images and supplied delta ISOs from the goldmaster. The non-OSS DVD images will show up next week, we had to retract and will remaster. If you are running SUSE Linux 10.1 already, there is no need to download these images at all. Just do an update from our update repository to get all our security updates. This remastered media are useful for new installations.” Here is the full release announcement. If you need to download the updated CD or DVD images, please visit the project’s download page for direct links to the ISO and torrent files.
NEW Development Release: Elive 0.5.1 (Unstable)
The development of Elive 0.5.1 has started and the first unstable release is now available for download. What’s new? According to the release announcement, the most interesting new feature is the inclusion of kernel 2.6.18, complete with improved support for wireless networking and ready for deployment on machines with multiple processors. Other new features include: installer improvements with automatic, manual and expert modes, and with package configuration via debconf; new stable release of Enlightenment 17, version, with new features and effects (Xcomposite, zoom, sound in themes, Xinerama, localisation and RandR); update to Cinelerra 2.1. A number of bugs reported in the earlier release have also been fixed. Interested testers can download the live CD image from here: elive_unstable_20061012.iso (596MB, MD5).
NEW Development Release: NetBSD 3.1 RC4
Geert Hendrickx has announced that the fourth release candidate of NetBSD 3.1 is ready for testing: “We had become aware of a few OpenSSL vulnerabilities which we didn’t want to leave unfixed in the NetBSD 3.1 release, hence we’ve extended the release cycle with a fourth release candidate. Binaries and ISOs for NetBSD 3.1_RC4 are available on the releng FTP mirrors. Apart from the OpenSSL fixes, we took advantage of this extra release candidate to add some more improvements: MS DOS file system: write performance of large files has been improved; toolchain: NetBSD 3.1_RC4 can be cross-built from NetBSD 4.0_BETA and -current (GCC 4.x); daily security report for /etc/exports has been improved; dhclient(8) exits gracefully if another instance is already running….” Read the rest of the release announcement for further details and download links. Download (i386): i386cd-3.1_RC4.iso (208MB, MD5).
NEW Distribution Release: Myah OS 2.3
Jeremiah Cheatham has released a new version of Myah OS: “Myah OS 2.3 SE is now available for download.” Some of the more interesting changes since version 2.2, released less than a month ago, include: “Firefox 2.0rc2 with support for Flash, Java and embedded video; embedded video is also available within Konqueror; settings for DVD playback have been optimized for best possible playback; 3D drivers for ATI and NVIDIA have also been optimized; a fresh Ksplash theme has been created to integrate with the bootsplash theme; several more mouse themes are now available; KDE 3.5.4 is now included as well as Linux 2.6.18; the boot process is much faster and smoother; CUPS printing is now up and running….” Read the complete release announcement for more details. Download: Myah-OS-2.3-SE.iso (696MB, MD5).
NEW Distribution Release: SabayonLinux 3.1
Following the “miniEdition”, the complete SabayonLinux 3.1 live DVD is now also out: “Announce: SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.1. New features: 2.6.18 kernel; added AIGLX Support (along with Xgl) thanks to Beryl and Emerald; NVIDIA drivers 1.0-9625, ATI drivers 8.29.6; improved graphics cards detection support; X.Org resolution auto-detection support; updated X.Org ATI drivers to 6.6.3 release; nvidia.ko and fglrx.ko are now linked at runtime; Intel and ATI X.Org drivers now work nicely with AIGLX; imported installer fixes from SVN.” Read the rest of the release announcement for further information. The SabayonLinux 3.1 DVD images for x86 and x86_64 architectures are available for download via BitTorrent: SabayonLinux-x86-3.1 (3,350MB) or SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.1 (3,567MB).

WordPress › Planet

When I was asked to speak on how WordPress changes lives at WordCamp Portland in September of 2008, I was faced with a dilemma. While WordPress does change lives, blogging changes more lives. How do I connect the dots between WordPress and the life changing experience of blogging?
I didnt realize that the WordPress Community would give me the answers I needed to that question. Their inspirational answers led to the following video on how WordPress changes lives, and the creation of the WordPress Fairy Blogmother.
WordPress changes lives because of the community. Over and over again, people told me that WordPress changes their lives because of the people it brings into their lives. While it doesnt really matter what blogging platform you may use, its the community that supports and encourages fellow WordPress users that makes the difference. Without the WordPress Support Forums, the incredible free WordPress Themes created by imaginative and altruistic fans, the powerful WordPress Plugins created and shared by those who saw a challenge and found a solution, and the support and willingness of WordPress users to educate others on how to use the program and make it work better – there would be no community.
WordPress has inspired many to learn about coding, design, web development, marketing, but also how to be a part of a community. WordPress fans are the definition of the social web. With the passion that comes with learning and sharing WordPress tips, tricks, and techniques, theyve founded a grassroots community, which led to WordPress meetups and social gatherings, and now to WordCamps around the world.
When I attend the many business and professional conferences to speak and present programs, its fairly serious. Im there for business. They are there for business. Its serious stuff.
When I walk through the door of a WordCamp event, Ive found family. Were instantly friends. We all know each other, and if we dont, we will within a few moments. Were risk takers and yet communal spirits, sharing the risk together. When one person pushes WordPress, we all benefit from the results.
As I interviewed people and asked the WordPress Community for help in discovering how WordPress changes lives, I knew I had to put faces on the many people whove had their lives transformed by their involvement in WordPress. In the first half of the video, I honor those whom Ive known for several years since early in the development of WordPress, as well as a few new friends. Many of these people have gone from interested enthusiasts to friends of WordPress to employees of Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. By using WordPress and being involved in the community, theyve built their businesses and reputation as WordPress experts, and in turn, powerful forces on the web.
Sure, any blogging platform can do that, but there is something about Matt Mullenweg and his vision for WordPress and blogging in general that brings people together to achieve more than they could alone. This is what changes peoples lives. Together, were stronger with WordPress than without.
Enjoy all the inspirational reasons WordPress fans offered for how and why WordPress changed their lives. And dont forget to check out Glenda Watson Hyatt: How WordPress Changes Her Life Daily, the video made especially for the finale of my presentation.
Video of How WordPress Changes Lives
There are two versions of the video. The YouTube version is low resolution and a smaller file size. The Viddler version is higher resolution and 138.5 meg file size. The video is ten minutes long. The transcription of the video is below.
YouTube Version of How WordPress Changes Lives by Lorelle VanFossen
Viddler Version of How WordPress Changes Lives by Lorelle VanFossen
Transcription of How WordPress Changes Lives
I havent found an easy way to add subtitles or captions to this Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum v9 program. Any help would be appreciated. Until then, this is the transcript of the video.
Fairy Blogmother: Hey, is this thing on. Hey. Is this on?
Is it working? Its not working.
Bang! Bang! Hello, are you working.
Ah, there we go.
* Instrumental Music When you wish upon a star from Pinocchio *
When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.
Anything your heart desires will come to you.
If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.
When you wish upon a star, as dreamers do.
Fate is kind. She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing.
Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you through.
When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.
Featured WordPress Community Members:
WordCamp Portland 2008, taking over the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, with the Fairy Blogmother
Fairy Blogmother: Hello! Is this working?
Its stop working again, dang it.
Whats going on here? Okay, wait, wait.
Bang! Bang! Ah, there.
Barbara Rozgonyi: Hello, my name is Barbara Rozgonyi with, and Lorelle, thank you for interviewing me in the bathroom. How has WordPress changed my life? I cant tell you everything in 15 seconds but I can tell you that its really made me into the person Ive always wanted to be. Now, I can be an author, I can be a person who really influences lives. And boy, its so interesting to see what readers have to say. To see them take just a little piece of information and take it and make it huge that will help so many people. And I get to hang out with cool people like Lorelle in the ladies room.
John Hawkins: Hi, this is John Hawkins from WordPress. WordPress changed my life how. Lets see. Id say Ive met some amazing people through WordPress. I Twitter and I answer peoples questions, and you would be amazed at the amount of people who are just dying to connect with you through WordPress. Go WordPress!
Hey, come to WordCamp Las Vegas on the January 10-11, 2009. See you there!
Stace Baris:
My name is Stace Baris with And WordPress has changed my life because it is open source, lots of great Plugins for doing SEO getting my content out there, lots of widgets I can use and also made affiliate marketing really easy with great Amazon Plugins and all sorts of things. If you are serious about blogging, WordPress is the way to go and Lorelle is the person to get your info from. Shes great.
Susan Patton: Hi, Im Susan Patton the Marketing Eggspert from How WordPress has changed my life? Besides getting me interviewed in the bathroom at Blog World Expo, the height of
experiences, it makes it really easy. I have some tech experience but I love the creative side. So I dont want to deal with the hard stuff. WordPress makes it easy to do what I want to do. There are Widgets for everything. There are template for everything. Its easy. And I can worry about everything else and not my blog.
Kim Woodbridge: WordPress has changed my life by giving me confidence in my abilities and helping me earn money. Ive found that I love
working on it. Plus, Ive met so many interesting and talented people online.
This sounded so much better in my head but it didnt come out quite right
Well, I hope it gives you the idea. Thanks! Kim Woodbridge [Via email]
Naked Bones: I would say WordPress has changed my life, and it has made it easier. It gave me the room to empty my mind of the everyday stuff we all go through. [Via blog comment]
Wendy Piersall: Hi, Im Wendy Piersall. Im CEO of the Looking back I was remembering when I first started my brand. I kicked it off with WordPress. WordPress made it absolutely easy for me with little-to-know tech experience whatsoever to create a powerful brand that is now rocking the blogosphere. I tell everybody now to just start with WordPress. Its brain dead easy and its extremely just brilliant and I dont know how we could function with out it. We owe a lot to you WordPress. We love you.
Owen Cutajar: [from Twitter] WP means I can build a great new website, secure and loaded with functionality, all b4 breakfast. Good Luck at #wordcampdx.
Heather Rasley: Hi, my name is Heather Rasley, the deputy at Automattic. I made the switch to WordPress after discovering that all my favorite awesome bloggers use it. Im very happy to be working for Automattic and making other people happy, too.
Jane Wells: Hi, Im Jane Wells and Im the user experience person with Automattic. WordPress has changed my life by exposing me to a kick ass community of open source developers and allowing me to work with the best guys in the world.
Karen Jackie and Dana Rockel: Im Karen Jackie partner of Content Robot and Dana Rockel from Content Robot. WordPress has changed our lives because it has actually given us an entrepreneurial spirit and we produce WordPress blogs for clients all over the world. WordPress is a great platform. We started out as a blogging company and moved to WordPress and we dont do any other platforms right now. WordPress is it.
Nathan Moller: My name is Nate Moeller from Without WordPress I dont know where I would be in the blogging community. What else is there. Blogging is WordPress.
Fairy Blogmother: Oh, no. Not again.
They must be redesigning the interface. Sigh.
Cant they leave anything alone. They keep messing with things.
It was just fine the way it was. Why do they have to keep changing things?
At WordCamp Portland, I surprised the audience from behind, wearing my WordPress Fairy Blogmother outfit. I spoke about the points mentioned at the beginning of this article, and asked the audience to come forward with their testimonies on how WordPress changed their lives. I was stunned at the number of people wanting to share their stories, nearly bringing the audience, and myself, to tears.
You can see the video of part of the presentation by Dale Chumbley streamed live from Cubespace in Portland, Oregon.
The end of the program featured Glenda Watson Hyatt: How WordPress Changes Her Life Daily, a video on how this woman uses WordPress to blog only with her left thumb. Because WordPress continues to be the most accessible and disabled-user friendly blogging platform around, she has opened up her sphere of influence and network of relationships around the world as her blog allows her to speak out when her body wont.
As we design and develop WordPress Themes, Plugins, and code, the WordPress Community needs to remember that Glenda is an important representative of our users.
Thank you again to everyone who helped me put this together, everyone whose lives have been touched my WordPress, and everyone who has helped changed my life with WordPress.
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The UNOFFICIAL 64BIT Fedora Core Guide

At work 🙂
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NEW Design and Guide SOON
I am working on a new guide for Fedora Core 6 64-bit and also a new design for the website, they will be up very soon, hopefully by the release date of Fedora Core 6, if you have any tutorials that you want to submit or comments, please email me
I proudly announce that this web site has officially been added to’s web site as the Unofficial 64-bit Fedora Core Guide! many thanks to’s staff
Yumex is a really useful tool, its basically a GUI for yum, it makes looking for updating/installing/removing packages a lot easier than using yum, yumex does not come with Fedora Core out of the box, you can simply install it by going to console and typing:
(then enter root password)
yum install yumex
I have redesigned and enhanced the the site look and feel, also added more codes, the idea basically started as i installed Fedora Core 64BIT and had so many problems installing flash, java, mplayer, etc. so after lots of googling around, visiting forums, and self taught things, i figured out how to make all these programs work, so i decided to create a web site and post what I’ve experienced to help and make it easier for others, hopefully you will enjoy my site and if you have any ideas on how to make this site even better or want to help out by submitting codes, tutorials, etc please email me at
Till now there is no 64BIT flash player and that’s why in the tutorial it teaches how to install the 32BIT flash (same with java), there is nothing we can do right now until adobe release the 64bit flash support and that’s not only in linux, even in windows xp 64bit, you have no support for flash player under the IE 64BIT, and that’s why there is IE 64BIT and IE 32BIT in the OS!!
JAVA and 64BIT
Currently java has 64BIT support but according to so many users and forums online, there is no success in installing it so far and that’s why in the tutorial we installed the 32BIT which works just fine with the 32BIT firefox under a 64BIT OS
2006-09-14: Development Release: Fedora Core 6 Test 32006-08-07: Development Release: Fedora Core 6 Test22006-06-21: Development Release: Fedora Core 6 Test1
2006-03-20: Distribution Release : Fedora Core 5
2006-02-20: Development Release: Fedora Core 5 Test3
2006-01-16: Development Release: Fedora Core 5 Test2
2005-11-23: Development Release: Fedora Core 5 Test1
Site been up since 08/14/2006 – 02:09am ET
Under construction:

Co-Signing Rent: Moving In Together Can Cause Big Debts

The Fatal Mistake When Moving In Together
So your perfectly reliable and awesome friend got turned down for an apartment
what an outrage! Who does that landlord think he is, basing your friend’s
ability to pay rent on nothing more than a few statistics? Come on, it’s not
like he does it for a living it’s not like his entire livelihood depends upon
keeping paying tenants and kicking out the rest. He’s the idiot. You’ve known
your friend for years, they wouldn’t leave you high and dry right? Ah…
famous last words.
Cold Hard Facts About Co-Signing Rent
It doesn’t matter if you’re co-signing with your brother or your soul mate
– the landlord has a very strong case against renting an apartment to them, and
that case is based in facts. It is the landlord’s job, day in and day out, to
find people who can pay rent reliably. Sure he’s desperate to fill that
apartment, but he would rather place a
tenant in it that will stay more than a few months because re-cleaning and re-listing
the apartment is not exactly top on his list of favorite things to do. Not to
mention all the costs and losses associated with evictions or a lease default.
No, the landlord doesn’t want to take a chance on your friend but if someone
else is willing to cough up the dough (that’s you) when Mr. Proven Unreliable
doesn’t come through, well then by all means have the apartment. The landlord
doesn’t care where the money comes from, just that the money comes.
Video: What you need to know about co-signing a loan
How Could It Go Wrong?
Not only has the
landlord determined that your friend, brother, sister, or third cousin’s former step
brother isn’t reliable enough to come up with rent, but you are also entering
into a brand spanking new living relationship with this person. You know how
they say money problems usually mean the end of relationships? Well, that
applies to non-romantic relationships too. Of course, if the relationship goes
awry for any other reason you better believe they will move themselves out and
leave you stuck with the bill. Living with someone new isn’t easy, even if you
have known them for years and co-signing on rent is a very bad foot to start
living together. You may think of it as a debt, or someone could get ungrateful.
Either way, this just has disaster written all over the lease.
Video: Whose debt is it, anyway?
What’s The Worst That Could Happen?
If you don’t value your
credit score now, you certainly will once your friend skips out on the rent. Not only will
it leave an ugly scar on your credit report, but you could also end up with an
eviction on your record or owing a lot of money to your former landlord. Don’t
forget you’re not just paying rent, you also have utility bills and luxury bills
like television and Internet services if your friend defaults on the rent,
what are the chances those bills got paid? You could end up owing a lot of money
to a lot of different people, all the while unable to get any more utilities or
apartments in your name all because you thought you knew better than the
landlord’s tried and true tenant screening system. The worst that could happen
is you lose your roommate but gain lots of his debt.
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Wróżki. Rzucanie uroków przez wróżki. Wróżby z kart Tarota. Wróżby miłosne online.

Magia nazywana te Czarostwem .To praktyka polegajca na sterowaniu
dziaaniami ludzi lub przedmiotw. Takie efekty s uzyskiwane za pomoc rodkw okultystycznych oraz
Chiromancja czyli inaczej wrenie z doni – pochodzenie tego
sowa jest z greckiego / cheir /to znaczy rka, manteia oznacza wrenie. Rozumie
to naley jako/wrenie z doni lub te sztuka dywinacyji/, wrenie a zarazem
umiejtno odczytywania przeznaczenia czowieka z li na doni czowieka.
Sprawd kim bye/a w poprzednim wcieleniu?
Wrenie to inaczej: wrby i magia. S to czynnoci przede
wszystkim powizane z przepowiadaniem przyszoci z pomoc technik
Wrki pomagaj rozwizywa yciowe problemy podpowiadajc
jak postpowa i jak drog pj, aby znale rozwizanie bdce czsto
wyjciem z trudnej a nawet beznadziejnej wydawao by si sytuacji.
Magia – miosna magia wprowadza w ycie zakochanych wiele romantyzmu.
Strona na ktrej
uzyskasz odpowiedzi na
nurtujce Ci pytania. W sferze uczu jak i zarwno w sferze materialnej.
Wrby online, opieraj si na anielskich kartach tarota i kartach klasycznych
oraz na innych znanych metodach ezoterycznych. Wrki online skupia uwag i za
porednictwem Twoim prosz Tarota o odkrycie przyszoci. Wrby na naszej
stronie nios ze sob wiele dobrego. Twoje ycie moe si znacznie odmieni,
gdy otrzymasz wskazwki dotyczce przyszoci. Zmieni Twoje nastawienie do rzeczywistoci
na znaczniej optymistyczne. Wska drog jak odnale mio i poprowadz
waciw drog, aby osign szczcie.
Zapraszamy do czytania magicznych artykuw.
Tarot to teoria
filozoficzno-symboliczna, oparta
na 78 przedstawieniach,
ktre znajduj swoje
odwzorowanie na kartach tworzc tali kart z ktrej jest przepowiadana przyszo.
Czytaj wicej…
Co chcesz widzie od kart Tarota?
Skoncentruj si nad Twoim pytaniem.
Skup si nad t sfer ycia, o ktr chcesz zapyta karty.
Popro Tarota
o odpowied.
Czytaj wicej…
Wrki to stworzenia o magicznej mocy czynienia czarw oraz
rzucania magicznych miosnych zakl, czsto mona je spotka w literaturze np. w bajkach, filmach a nawet
sztuce. Okrelenie wrki przypisywany
jest kobietom przepowiadajcym przyszo z pomoc rnorakich technik ezoterycznych.
Wrby – Rne formy dywinacji
Istnieje bardzo wiele form wrenia.
Od wiekw przecieray si niezliczone iloci form i przekanikw
w przepowiadaniu przyszoci.
Do ciekawszych form przepowiadania
przyszoci mona zaliczy wrenie z chmur, z dymu, z jajek, z
lampy, z lustra, z maku, z muszki oliwy, wiatru, czy z wody.
W chmurach widziano
wielokrotnie symbole o znaczeniu politycznym czy religijnym. Wrenia
z chmur dokonuje si w dobrych warunkach atmosferycznych, najlepiej
gdy niebo jest troch zachmurzone. Zbyt mao czy zbyt wiele chmur
nie sprzyja wreniu. Wystarczy polee nad niebem, patrzc si
w gr, ale nie podamy za adn z nich wzrokiem. Trzeba
wykaza si cierpliwoci i spokojem.
Wrenie z dymu to
bardzo stara metoda wrenia, uywana prawdopodobnie, jeszcze
zanim czowiek nauczy si kontrolowa ogie. Najlepiej wry
z dymu przy ognisku. Po pewnym czasie w dymie zaczn ukazywa si
symbole i obrazy.
Wrenie z jajek ma
kilka technik, ktrymi mona si posugiwa. Jeden z nich
polega na wbiciu jajka do szklanki z wod i obserwowaniu, jakie
ksztaty przybiera biako.
Wrenie z lampy to
sposb Egipcjan i Babiloczykw. Egipcjanie uywali specjalnej
odmiany oleju palmowego, czystego i przejrzystego. Lampk stawiano
na stoliku i siadano przodem do niej. Nastpnie wzywano bstwo
rzdzce dniem tygodnia, w ktrym przeprowadzono wrenie.
Wrenie z lustra powstao z wrenia z wody. Do wrenia mona byo uywa
kadego lustra,. Wie si ono z ksiycem, pierwiastkiem
eskim i ywioem Wody. Lepiej do wrenia wybra lustro
owalne. Wrc z lustra, staramy si patrze w jego gb,
przez nie, a nie na powierzchni. Najpierw bdziemy widzie
niewiele, a miar praktyki pojawi si jednak kolory, symbole,
obrazy. Za pomoc lustra mog si komunikowa duchy.
Wrenie z maku powstao w staroytnoci. Do ognia wrzuca si gar nasion maku
i obserwuje powstay sup dymu. Jeli dym wzbija si lekko ku
niebu, uznawano to za dobry omen.
Wrby z Run online dla kadego.Wrby z Run to system magiczny. Wry przy ich pomocy mona jednake najwaniejsza ich zalet to prawie idealne przystosowanie do wykonywania rnorodnych magicznych operacji, poczynajc od dobrania ezoterycznego imienia, a koczc na przygotowaniu talizmanw, napisw mocy i ochrony.
Przewidywa przyszo z run jest trudniej ni z kart Tarota
Tarot. Wszyscy badacze tarota byli zgodni co do tego, e odpowiednie rozoenie kart,
jeeli dokonane zostao rwnoczenie z projekcj mentaln lub uczuciow
pytajcego, przypuszczalnie moe odsoni prawo kosmiczne i ujawni skutki jego
dziaania, odsniac tym samym nasz przyszo.
Wrenie z muszli jest
do mod metod wrebn. Szum morskiej muszli jest
zjawiskowy. Jeli wsuchamy si uwanie, wychwycimy co w
rodzaju fragmentw rozmw. Z czasem zadawa mona pytania a szum
muszli moe przywoa odpowied pozytywn lub negatywn.
Wrenie z wiatru, zostao stworzone przez staroytnych Grekw. Metoda ta pocztkowo
polegaa na zawieszaniu na drzewach specjalnych rdek, ktre w
porywach wiatru stukay o mosine misy. Kombinacj dwikw
poddawano interpretacji, wczajc w to dwiki wydawane przez
sam wiatr. Z samego wiatru mona wry wykorzystujc jego
Wrenie z wody byo
form dywinacji, ktr wietnie opanowa Nostradamus. Potrzebna
bya gboka misa, wykonana z mosidzu, miedzi czy szka.
Dodatkowo trzeba znale trjng, na ktrym stawiamy naczynie.
Naczynie napeni trzeba naturaln wod ze rda. Oprcz
misy potrzebna jest rdka wykonana z drewna najlepiej laurowego.
Czubek rdki zanurzamy w naczyniu, a potem rdk
rozprowadzamy wod wzdu jego brzegw. Gdy zaczynamy wry
delikatnie poruszamy czubkiem rdki wzdu brzegu naczynia,
wywoujc tym samym rezonans dwikowy. Mona wtedy usysze
odpowiedzi na swoje pytania, ktre pniej si interpretuje.
Dodatkowo mona ujrz wizje, a samej misie lub obok niej.
Wrby z kart – Najpopularniejsza
i najbardziej zbadana wersja to taka, e karty zostay wynalezione w Korei i e
wywodz si z koreaskiej strzaywrebnej.
karty koreaskie przypominay ksztatem pdy bambusa, ktrych uywano jako
strza podczas obrzdw wrenia.Uznali, eznak w ksztacie serca umieszczony
na tylnej stronie kart reprezentuje pira strzay.
Wrby : Tarot : Wrki : Magia : Horoskop partnerski : Wrby z Run online : Piramidy
: Moc ksiyca :
Symbole magiczne
Symbolika soca :
Magiczne Krysztay
Dywinacja: Astrologia : Reinkarnacja : Przepowiednie : Magia nieznana : Porady wrki : Sposoby wrenia

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be aware that they are not well implemented by browsers.
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but its use is not recommended.
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Validating CSS Style Sheets
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you can
using the W3C
CSS Validation Service.

Flash of light ” 2009″ January

Archive for January, 2009
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In 2008 alone 1 million people has lost their id due to idtheft. A well educated person has used some efficient software to protect their id from idtheft. For illiterates they need to be informed about idtheft and problems they face due to id theft. There is a site called offers a protection to […]
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The antithesis of English-Canadian materialism and lack of coherence was French Canada. For a historian so obsessed with Canadian unity, even with the issue of whether Canadians possessed a national soul, Lower necessarily had to come to terms with the historical relations between French-and English-speaking Canadians. In 1925 he referred to the presence of two […]
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The k-rail is used to traffic separator. The K- rails are used in the road construction to separate the roads, so that leaving space for vehicles to travel in both the end. Mostly people use to call the k – rail as the traffic dividers. The Jesen precast company is the leading manufacturer of the […]
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The Jesen Precast Company is one of the leading manufacturer of Precast. Their job is to design and create a precast for any thing and the people will simply use it. Thesparks precast concrete is used to create a precast for
bridges, compound walls and etc. If we like their precast models we can […]
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Mostly all men and also few women suffer from this problem. It reduces your total handsome or beautiful looks. It robs your youthful and smart looks. It makes others to feel that you became old. What is it? It is nothing but hair fall. Everyone experiences this problem due to various natural and artificial reasons. […]
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When a mosquito bites we feel itchy rather than feeling a pain. But the pain will be realized after some time only. Because it injects blood from its body to the persons body and creates diseases like malaria, dengue and many more. So light on your mosquito coils always and stay away from diseases. You […]
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Amaco is the name of the brand which tools and accessories for pottery, texturing tools,education and crafts. In which tools and accessories include Sponges, knives, hardwood tools and numerous other necessities for ceramic artists and art departments. It is so important for you to choose the tools and accessories while you do craft works and […]
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Parallelism has become a standard technique in the design of high performance computers. Despite the impressive progress achieved in the design of sequential von Neumann machines, their computing power is limited in the light of certain applications. Parallel computing emerged as an alternative and viable medium for the solution of many important problems. Many conventional […]
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Do you want immediate access to high-end business software for a small monthly fee? Do you want to get rid of the olden ways in which business purchase expensive programs on CD-ROMs, even more costly servers maintained by an IT staff? (Though they appear to be great implementation and debugging is complex.) Do you want […]
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A.R Rahman is a music composer from India who has won golden globe award for the film Slumdog Millionaire! He is well known in the country India for his rhythmic melodies and danceable tunes. Most of the best directors in India want their films music to b composed by A.R Rahman only! He now has […]